The researchers found that many Android smartphones have security holes

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ASUS, Essential, LG and ZTE promised to fix the security flaws discovered by the mobile security company, Wired Kryptowire, according to reports. Kryptowire research shows that some of the security issues on Android comes from modification code Android smartphone maker created by the company.

The researchers found a bug in the firmware in 10 different smartphones, reported The Verge. This security weakness can cause various problems, started a mobile phone microphone control attacker dai to the attacker locked the phone.

Though indeed, most of these attacks can only be performed if the user also downloads applications with the malware. Research funded by the Department of Homeland Security is presented in the Black Hat USA Security Conference.

According to Kryptowire, a weakness in the security system of Android because the open-source nature of Android, which allows third parties to modify the code and created an Android version is completely different.

Open source systems also create security holes in the security system of your mobile phone. The researchers assume this kind of security problem found in Android.

 "Many suppliers who want to add their own applications, do the customization, " says Kryptowire CEO Angelos Stavrou.  "This increases the likelihood of attacks and increases the likelihood of error in software."

Essential, LG and ZTE said they had completed all the problems found by the Kryptowire after they were told would be a weakness. However, it is still unknown whether they indeed had already issued an update to patch the security hole.


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