The selfie application from NASA invites space adventures

What You never want to go into space but could not meet the requirements to become a NASA astronaut? Origin of the United States Space Agency had recently released an application that lets you take photos as an astronaut in space. NASA Selfies. This application will install your photo or photos of your friends and your pets to your space and let you choose from a variety of space photos as a background.

As noted by CNET, NASA launches the application as part of a memorial to Spitzer, who now has been around in space for 15 years.

Using the NASA application Selfies very easily. You simply take a photo with your smartphone and select the photos to be a space background. Background options that there are diverse, ranging from the Andromeda Galaxy to Zeta Ophiuchi, a giant star that is in the ranks of stars of Ophiuchus.

This application will then paste your face onto the space suits and helmets a little information about your selected photos as a background. NASA Selfies already available for Android and iOS.


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