This 70-year-old grandfather is playing Pokemon Go using 9 smartphones

This 70 Years Old Pokemon Hunting Grandpa Is Taking The Game To Another Level
Even though he has entered his old age, this grandfather is still fond of playing Pokemon Go mobile games. In fact, with nine smartphones at once. What for?

He is Chen San-Yuan. The grandfather origin in Taiwan is viral because of avid gaming artificial Niantic. Chen who is the expert on feng shui began to love the concept of augmented reality games after being taught the children.

Not just playing, but the games keep him active walking also utilized Chen to prevent Alzheimer's disease and also helped him connect with people of different ages.

Chen began his famous after also playing Pokemon Go to post a photo of himself on internet forums that the Middle driving the bike with six smartphones tied up in the basket of his bike.

The photos caught the attention of the citizen to make him popular and he was nicknamed ' Uncle Pokemon '.

In addition to six smartphones, he also still holds three other smartphones that don't tie it in the basket. In total, there are nine smartphones he brought every cycling.  Chen has a playing time depending on the schedule the next day, quoted from Nextshark.

"If I can get some rest tomorrow, I'll play a little longer. If I have a customer, I will be back early,  "said.

He also chose a favorite place to find pokemon. He could visit for five or six weeks to his favorite place in the garden. A monthly basis he has spent money USD 1500 to buy items in Pokemon Go.

In addition to buying the items in the application, he also bought equipment for cycling that can take nine smartphones are supported by large powerless power bank so that everything can continue to light up.

While talking with Taiwan gaming web site, Chen said that he has several mobile phones left to tied up also on his bike, but due to the account on the phone is still at a low level would not involve in.

"I have three other phone yet I bind on the bike. I want to wait until they're at level 30 and then I'll tie it,  "said while laughing.


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