This is the reason Google has the name pie as the name of this newest operating system

Google unveils Android Pie
Android is an operating system-made Google often carry the names of delicacy. Take for example such as Nougat, Oreo, until the most recent: Android Pie. What is the reason Google has a name cookie pie as the name of its newest operating system?

Delivered Engineering Director of Google, Andrei Popescu, the reason why the technology giant led Sundar Pichai chose Android Pie as the name of the Android operating system 9.0 none other because assessing simplicity of cake pie itself.

"The selection of this name is the same goal we made together Android," said Andre, cited from the BBC.

"The Android Pie is about artificial intelligence and User Interface (UI) more simple and intuitive, we think it appropriate to the characteristics of the simple pie cake and didn't bother to make it," she continued.

Google itself is indeed always used the name sweet snack or dessert as the iconic name for the operating system Android. Then, why should a sweet snack?

The reason Google chose the name nibbles to system operations solely because of the accident, according to reports from Android Authority. A Google spokesperson explained Randall Sarafa, the concept of the Android operating system with the name nibbles erupted by accident from the internal creative team Google.

 "It happens in random how ya explain it, anyway we suddenly just spontaneously conceived the name snacks. So, each operating system is released we are always looking for the name of snacks alphabetically,  "said Sarafa.

Mere information, now there are ten Google operating system names are taken from the sweet snacks and desserts. Android 1.0 and 1.1 are named Alpha and Beta Android. It was only after it appeared the Android 1.5 Cupcake to Android with the name C.


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