TSMC said, the virus that attacked their factory was a variant of WannaCry

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said the virus, which makes semiconductor production plant they couldn't operate is a variant of ransomware WannaCry.

The company held a press conference and explain their findings. TSMC, the main suppliers to Apple, saying that the presence of  "error operation " allows the virus enters into the system. They should stop the operation of the factory on Friday.

On Sunday, TSMC managed to recover 80 percent of the production capacity of the plant. They mention, this attack would make them suffer losses amounting to three percent of total revenue.

More than a year has passed since the attacks of ransomware WannaCry occurs around the world, infecting more than 230 thousand computers, reported ZDNet.

TSMC said, their system is infected with a virus that has a software tool installed. Things get progressively worse because the computer that's connected to the network. This encourages to continue doing computer reboot.

The virus is infecting various tools fabrication and automated system and the related system using Windows 7. As a result, various tools cannot be used.

TSMC said, their computer system which has the production-related information and customer data are not affected by this virus. They also add a system infected with a virus, it's been fixed.

The question is who or which organization enter the variant WannaCry to TSMC?


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