Uber paid compensation of $ 1.9 million to 56 employees and former employees

uber office desks
A peace treaty between the Uber and dozens of employees almost reached the intersection. In that agreement, Uber money will give 1.9 million USD in damages to 56 employees and former employees. To-56 people it is the employees and former employees who register Uber reported sexual harassment while working on Uber. And each of them will receive compensation of around USD 34 thousand.

In addition, there is also a peace treaty between the Uber with plaintiff class action claim Uber discriminate women and people with a skin-colored, where Uber will pay compensation in the amount of USD 10 million, or approximately $11 thousand US per person.

The lawsuit regarding this discrimination comes to the surface in October by three engineer Uber. Then in March the Uber agreed to pay cash compensation of USD 10 million. They also agreed to separate the money damages against the victims of abuse, namely amounting to USD 1.9 million.

Through a report from Engadget, the amount of money in damages to each of the men will be calculated based on the severity and duration of the alleged abuse that occurred, including the presence of a witness who supports the allegations, the perpetrators of abuse, as well as the impact of abuse the victim.


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