Why did Android users move to the iPhone and vice versa?

Android to iPhone
Android phone users a lot who later moved to the iPhone, and vice versa. Actually, what are their reasons?

Site technology PCMag not long ago scrambled to survey the users of smartphones in the United States to do the underlying reason they moved next door. There are several answers put forward and actually not too surprising. As many as 47% of respondents who moved from Android to iOS reasoned iOS have a better user experience than the operating systems ' green ' robot. Only 30% of respondents who moved from iOS to Android posited for the same reason.

While the highest reasons why people move from iOS to Android is better with the percentage of 29%. Only 11% of respondents put forward the same reason when deciding the move from Android to iOS.

These reasons are indeed not startled because during these operations the iOS is often considered better and easier to use than Android. And the iPhone, especially the latest version, it almost certainly is always on top of the Android smartphone, even in-class flagship.


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