Xiaomi plans to open 500 Mi Store at various locations in India

Mi Store
Smartphones now have started to cling to in a society and became the primary needs. In accordance with the company's ambition to dominate the smartphone market world, his expanding markets to Xiaomi India, especially in rural areas. Information, this is the first time the company built the exclusive shops across India.

"Xiaomi plans to open 500 Mi Store at various locations in India until the end of this year, " says spokesperson Xiaomi who reported by Business Today.

Mentioned, the presence of exclusive shops belonging to Xiaomi is capable of producing over 5000 jobs in the area around Mi Store. Not only that, Xiaomi launches flagship smartphone in Indonesia. Xiaomi brings a formula Pocophone is the flagship brand of smartphone their Redefinition.

Pocophone F1 presence in Indonesia supported processors that are usually used on premium flagship smartphones different brands, Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm. Circulating rumors if prices Pocophone F1 can be so cheap because a material used secondary quality. Thus, what the word Poco party about this?

Global Head of Poco, Alvin Tse, denied it. He said, as a sub-brand, Pocophone follow Xiaomi, i.e. present with good quality even though sold at affordable prices.

 "Tim Pocophone comes from Xiaomi. Xiaomi is famous for its good quality, we (Pocophone) are also so. We do not use the crappy components,  "says Alvin Tse after the launch of the F1 Pocophone recently.

Further, he made sure if all the components used in the manufacture of Pocophone F1 comes from the best suppliers. Alvin also assured to Mi Fans in Indonesia, components to make Pocophone F1 is not used goods.

"We're not using the components of the second. The goal of the F1 Pocophone presents at affordable prices is to ensure innovation available to everyone, "he said.


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