Yahoo apparently still scans the user's email

Yahoo Mail
Yahoo still scans email users to sell its data to advertisers. In fact, many tech companies that no longer do this, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The parent company Yahoo, Light, Middle talking with advertisers to provide a service that will analyze the more than 200 million accounts Yahoo Mail for data consumers. Unfortunately, when asked related this, Light was not immediately answered. Light on the WSJ confirms that they indeed scan email users, even though they only scan the email promotions, coming from the retail seller. Users have the option to ban Yahoo doing this.

The reason Light scans the user's email is the email service is expensive, and cannot expect users to use email for free without any compensation at the company. Even users who pay USD 3.49 to premium Yahoo email service also cannot escape from this scan, unless the user banning Yahoo do that.

While to ban Yahoo, you should go to the Ad Interest Manager and selecting options  "opt out ". That section could not be found on the settings menu or Settings, making them difficult to find. Light uses algorithms to segment your user preferences and place cookies that will show the ads in accordance with user preferences. For example, users who frequently buy plane tickets will be marked as a person who frequently travels by Light algorithm.

While people who get an email to be in the company of riders ride-at hailing will be marked as  "self-employed ". Advertisers can target this group of consumers when they buy advertisements from Light.

A personal email will be ignored by the algorithm while personal information will not be given to advertisers. However, algorithms like this never make mistakes.

In addition to the machines, humans will also scan Yahoo email. As reported in last April, privacy regulations permit Light human moderators to read the AOL and Yahoo email for the sake of advertising. Light seems to be trying hard to get the advantage of email services along with his efforts to defeat Gmail, Google's email service that much more popular.


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