8 Habits that can make Android smartphones quickly damaged (cracked phones and cracked phone screens)

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Every smartphone users in using the smartphone has a way different, was right in taking care of its smartphones, and there is also wrong in his or her care and is considered correct, if the wrong things that have already become a habit in day to day usage of smartphone then it could be a smartphone you have don't have the longevity or it could be quickly broken

Of course, we do not want such things to happen, then immediately leave a habitual use of smartphones is wrong and switched to good care. What are the things or habits that make smartphones quickly broken?

What causes fast smartphone habits broken?

You might think of that habit in the treatment of, for example, the use of too many applications or perhaps because of other treatments. If it relates to physical care, could have been damaged due to the smartphone user error.  However, for the moment with the current technological developments rapidly and also increasingly sophisticated security features. The habit of smartphone users is less important in fact presume that they thus could be bad.

Examples of causes of smartphones quickly broke down

1. Login account carelessly

Login Email accounts on a variety of devices can also make wanton damage smartphones. For example, when you borrow your smartphone or computer to log into the Email account is the main account of your smartphone. We recommend that you do log out properly and correctly. Make sure your account is actually already out and secure your threats not exploited. Because this could just be bad for a smartphone.

2. Pattern Locks screen

Use pattern codes need if your smartphone store files or critical data. But the habit of using this pattern also could lead to a fatal damaged on Smartphones When in the locked state, it could just be someone else will open it up and try to force that to happen the smartphone will be locked permanently. 

3. Games with large RAM


Android Smartphone, as well as the current iPhone, does have very nice graphics capabilities. And also there are many games that have multimedia features arguably very riveting.  The use of smartphones to play games that are too over will result in extra work more smartphones, and fast smartphones would be damaged. That often happens in the fast heat of the smartphone battery. That's the habit causes a fast smartphone is actually very trivial and not even thought of by us. But it could lead to a fatal damage.

4. Using your smartphone while charging the battery

smartphone charging battery
During the process of charging the battery, power smartphone is already generating a lot of heat. When you wear your smartphone then the intensity of the heat in the smartphone's battery will increase. When you perform these activities on an ongoing basis so your smartphone will quickly break down and the age of the battery will be reduced.

5. Forgot to close the application that is already in use

An application tab that runs on an Android smartphone
For Android users, the application already used usually will not be automatically shut down. Applications will normally remain running in the background screen of your smartphone. If you forget to close the applications you have open then the application will work on and will continue to take your battery power.

6. Too many installed Applications


Things like this are also capable of making smartphones you guys become slow because too many applications install causes performance RAM add and will gradually slow down, especially for Smartphones that have the capacity of RAM. Before you install an application, so it fits better with the ability of everyday needs and smartphone specifications so that is not the case the buildup program.

7. Do not clean the phone

phone screen
It turns out that treating the smartphone should also really be from outside and in when you perform actions such as clean the components of the smartphone can be fatal. The more it gets worse again i.e. buildup of bacteria on the smartphone.

8. Let the Android battery empty too long

smartphone battery
Smartphone batteries consist of cells that serves to accommodate an electric current. Even the cells will also be kept alive if in it there is still an electric current. If you leave the battery empty smartphone too long, then the cells will fall asleep even if it has been too long will cause the cells to die. Finally, the battery will not be recharged.

To avoid damage to the battery of your smartphone, then don't let the battery too long. Even do not let the battery until it too is exhausted, please refill if the battery has reached lived 20% or more good news before 40% should you have recharged the battery.

Additional information. The risk of that happening if you continue to use a smartphone with the cracked screen

1. Touch screen response decreased

Touch screen smartphone
Although it can still be used, cracks on the screen of the smartphone turned out to potentially lower the sensitivity of the touchscreen. Thus, the touch screen is cracked is no longer so responsive. Moreover, if the touch screen is broken, the likelihood of damage to the users cleaned will be quick because the cracks will interfere with another part of the screen that has not been cracked and will automatically be broken completely.

2. Can injure finger

The outbreak of the smartphone screen is also potentially hurt the fingers of the user. Moreover, if users often use to play games on the touchscreen. Therefore, quick fix screen smartphone into the nearest service shop in order to avoid possible bad like this.

3. Greater Radiation

You know, the screen smartphone that crack turns out can also cause greater radiation. With a broken screen, smartphones will produce a fractured screen and radiation from harming the health risk of the user. In fact, the International Agency for Research on Cancer claimed the radiation emitted from the screen smartphone from harmful radiation twice the usual smartphone.
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