According to the analysis: iPhone XR is too cheap and predicted to make Apple's income decline

iPhone XR
Goldman Sachs analyst, Rod Hall, judging the price too cheap XR iPhone will have an impact on the performance of Apple's revenue. He originally estimated the smartphone price starts from the US $849 in the United States (US), but it turns out the US $749. Hall specifically estimates the selling price that's "too cheap " it may inhibit the sale of another iPhone Variant. Apple on September 14, 2018, announced the three variants of the iPhone, XS, XS Max, and XR. iPhone XR into the cheapest with the selling price starts from the US $749.

Though judged too cheap, from the standpoint of the consumer, the price can just keep votes too expensive for a smartphone. However, according to Hall, the selling price it could make Apple's revenue decline.

 "Apple Announces the new iPhone and the price of LCD models " XR  "turned out to be cheaper than we think. We assess this effectively ' sacrificing ' SKU iPhone/8 + and push us to lower the average selling price and revenue estimates, but slightly offset with more units,  "says Hall.

Apple has not opened the pre-order iPhone XR, but iPhone XS and XS Max already since Friday (14/8). Pre-order iPhone XR will be opened in mid-October 2018, while the shipment began on October 26, 2018.


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