Alexa voice commands can be used on Xbox One

Microsoft brings voice assistant Alexa to Xbox One
Microsoft began testing the service support voice commands Alexa on Xbox One Insiders. The software giant released the Xbox Skill to Alexa that will allow devices such as the Amazon hosts Echo, Sonos, and various other devices which have supported Alexa can control the Xbox One. With this new capability, the user can turn on the Xbox One only with voice commands like play the game, adjust the sound volume, record a screencast, start broadcasting, and much more.

Previously, Microsoft has long supported the Kinect on the Xbox One for various functions. Because Microsoft no longer produces now Kinect integration with voice commands, Alexa became the logical next step. There is the news that Microsoft may also integrate Google's voice commands i.e. Assistant on the Xbox One. Microsoft says they will continue to develop this experience and foster a sound integration across devices, digital assistants, and voice services.

Albert Penello who worked for 18 years at Microsoft, has now been joined by Amazon earlier this year, a report from The Verge. The aim is apparently to help figure out how to grow the presence of Alexa or Echo in the game. This integration is a huge boost for the presence of Alexa in the rest of the service and the device. Microsoft also has teamed up with Amazon to integrate Alexa and Cortana. For the curious, the preview feature is available on Alexa and Cortana.


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