Alibaba Founder Jack Ma will retire from his company next week

Jack Ma
Alibaba founder Jack Ma certainly will retire from the company next week. After retirement, he will follow in the footsteps of Bill Gates, that is involved with philanthropy. Jack Ma, now 53 years old, built Alibaba since 1999 until the end of the business is now worth USD 420 billion. He now has a 6.4% stake in Alibaba, which makes it a guy worth USD 40 billion.

Currently, Alibaba's Jack Ma's position as Executive Chairman, after handing over his CEO position to David Zhang in 2013. And according to reports, Zhang also who will continue the work of Jack Ma after he retired later. After retiring later, there are two things that might be done by Jack Ma, i.e., philanthropy and education. This time Jack Ma has prepared carefully plans to do more in the field of philanthropy.

 "You will soon find out. I prepare Jack Ma Foundation. All of it already I prepare for 10 years,  "said he.

Jack Ma also opens the possibility of more if teachers want to be retired. In an educational forum in China, Jack Ma told me that before Alibaba pioneered, he did ever become an English teacher

"Education can have a major impact. When I start the Alibaba, education helps me tremendously, "he said.

The news will be his retirement Jack Ma has already circulated since last week. Jack Ma they already feel not welcome run of Alibaba. In fact, whether serious or not, he never says sorry to have created Alibaba of now.

"The biggest mistake is to create my Alibaba. I never thought it would change my life. I'm just trying to do business on a small and growing, there are such a big responsibility and a big problem. Every day even so busy as President. And then I lost my life,  "said in a chance.


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