Amazon is now also a $ 1 trillion company and one of the most influential technology companies in the US

amazon 1 trillion dollar company
At the close of the stock that was done some time ago, Apple's stock value was reported to reach the highest point, namely the US $207.39. Therefore, the increase made Apple beat other companies, such as Amazon and Microsoft as a technology company that first reaches the value valuation up to the U.S. $1 trillion.

However, now that Apple is thus not itself occupy the throne of technology companies with a value of most of the world. Because there was again another technology company who followed the US to the value of $1 trillion. The company is the origin of the e-Commerce giant, United States (USA), Amazon.

Reported by the New York Times, the value of the Amazon known increased to $1 trillion US on Tuesday (4/9) after its stock value also increased to the US $2,050. With the increase, the value of the wealth of the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos would likewise be increased, making it the equivalent of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

No wonder heard Amazon is now worth $1 trillion US. This is because Amazon is seen as one of the most influential technology companies in the US. In fact, Amazon now has employed over 550,000 people and produces revenue of U.S. $178 trillion annually.


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