Apple again increased the number of autonomous car fleets

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Apple plans a matter of autonomous car to date has not been revealed. But they turned out instead to increase the number of his autonomous car fleet. Based on records of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) California, Apple now has 70 autonomous car, complete with 139 people driver who had a permit to drive a car the autonomous.

This means that an increase in the number of the autonomic car owned by Apple, because in April and then Apple has only 66 cars and 111 drivers. Currently, Apple owned permission to test autonomous car is still limited.

That is to say, the car is limited, it still must be accompanied by a driver when tested. The aim is so that the driver can take over control of the car when there's something untoward happens in the streets.

This permission is still finite because of a lot of other companies that have already received permission to test autonomous car in full or does not need to be accompanied by the driver, the report from Ubergizmo.

However, the addition of a number of the autonomic Apple car fleet continues to not answer the question about Apple's plans in the realm of the autonomous car. Because the car is making a very different process to manufacture a cell phone or computer that has become Apple's expertise. There are also assume if Apple just tests the autonomous car technology so that they could implement this technology in other processes.


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