Apple introduced dual SIM support for the iPhone XS despite using a different system

Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and  XR
Apple officially introduced its newest, two iPhone (iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max). Both this model comes with a new ability, i.e. dual-SIM support. Just like other smartphones have similar features, iPhone XS and XS Max can use two numbers in one device. In this way, users can use each number according to your needs.

However, as quoted from CNET, support dual SIM that exists in both the iPhone is different from most smartphones. The reason Apple is not fully using the physical SIM card to this feature. Companies that use the Cupertino one physical card and eSIM for this feature. Passing user eSIM does not require a physical card when want to replace the number who want to wear.

Features dual SIM and not the new stuff themselves eSIM for Apple. Previously, features dual SIM already had a presence in several models of iPad and eSIM is available at Apple Watch.

However, this will not apply eSIM across the country considering not all carriers support it. Specifically, in China, Macau, and Hong Kong, Apple will release iPhone XS Max with slots physical SIM, rather than the eSIM.


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