Apple released the Golden Master Shortcut application on iOS 12 previously only available to developers

Apple Releases Golden Master Version of iOS 12 Shortcuts App
New iOS feature Shortcuts allow users to organize a series of events in order to be followed by the iPhone and can be activated by giving one phrase to Siri. This allows the series to adjust the activities of users. For example, a user can govern a particular radio station broadcast a series of devices simultaneously accessing Apple Maps to guide the journey toward home. Today, Apple released an application Golden Master of the iOS 12 Shortcut.

During the period when iOS 12 is still in beta, only the developers who have access to the application Shortcut. This means the release in the next week when Cisco iOS 12 officially launched, users can try this application is a wonderful experience.

The final version of these Shortcuts has a number of actions that are not available in this beta version of the application. Apple will begin distributing iOS 12 on Monday, 17 September, at around 10 am PDT or 1 pm EDT.

New features include Memoji, creations animated emoji with the look and movement of similar users, as well as new features Screen Time. Features of Screen Time will track use of the iPhone and iPad, either adults or children, as well as the duration of use of the application each day.

Cisco IOS 12 also adds four new Animoji Koala, Tiger, Ghost, and t. Rex. Meanwhile, when officially launched at the end of this year, the Group will allow as many as 32 FaceTime users for doing video chat with each other at the same time.


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