Apple removed the Adware Doctor application from the Mac App Store for stealing user data

Adware Doctor
Apple just deletes most popular paid utility applications from the Mac App Store, Doctor Adware. The reason is that the application was found to save user data as well as the history of their browser. Not only that, the application then sends that data to a server that is in China, reported 9to5Mac.  A security researcher reported this on Apple last month. However, the new Apple remove that application from the Mac App Store now. At first glance, it looks original. He gets a five-star rating and a lot of support from Apple.

The application even enters into application list options along with applications such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro X.  The function of Adware Doctor is looking for malware by scanning Mac computers and remove suspicious files. Initially, the application was trying to disguise themselves as Adware application Medic from Malwarebytes.

This makes Apple remove it from the App Store. Apple recently allowed him to re-emerge after he changed his name to Doctor Adware, reported The Verge.  To get the user data, Adware Doctor asking for universal access to Mac and disguise it as a request to scan for malware. In doing so, he will be able to gain access to the data from the applications and other programs that are running.

Chances are, he or she can gain access to it by mimicking Apple's proprietary code that can be found in the technical FAQ.  After getting access to all the applications and running programs, Adware Doctor will be able to access the user's browser history and even remembers apps that users never download. The server that receives data from Adware Doctor now indeed was in a State of inactivity. However, in the future, the server can only return enabled.


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