Apple's autonomous car had its first accident while driving in Sunnyvale

Lexus RX450h
One of Apple's autonomous car had an accident while driving in Sunnyvale, California, United States. The first accident experienced Apple car occurred two weeks ago, according to a report from the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Just like most accidents that occur on the autonomous car, this accident also occurred because of the wrong man. Autonomous car Lexus RX450h is the Apple which has been modified with a variety of sensors and devices. The car drove at a speed of 1 mile per hour, was about to get into the Lawrence Expressway when a Nissan Leaf, which drove at a speed of 15 miles per hour, slammed into the rear of the Lexus, report The Verge.

According to reports from Consumer Affairs in the past year, largely autonomous car accidents caused by human riders crashed into the back of an autonomous car that is being still or moving slowly. This shows that companies that make software for autonomous cars must be able to ensure the autonomous car drive safely in all conditions.

 "The reasons behind this accident are probably due to the autonomous car doesn't drive like a human, " says Phil Koopman, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and a software engineer who became a consultant to a company that develops car autonomously.

 "And if the car is moving, not as autonomous car with human riders, expectations of the human driver will be the vehicle that would be wrong."

The company that makes software for the autonomous car may have to consider the behavior of a human rider on the road so that cars could avoid the autonomous accident such as this in the future. In the future, the number of autonomous cars will continue to rise. However, there is still no regulation governing the existence of autonomous cars. Is not yet known whether autonomous cars could access all the way on the all-weather autonomous car or access will be restricted to a particular area or to a special road lane.


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