Backup of WhatsApp messages on Google Drive is not encrypted

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Whatsapp for promoting this service is protected encryption end-to-end, but not so with the fate of messages backed up on third-party platforms i.e. Google Drive and iCloud. WhatsApp party also confirm this. Some of the Android users realized this after WhatsApp and Google establish cooperation. The users of WhatsApp can store media and messages from the application at Google Drive, offered by Phone Arena. WhatsApp party itself has been giving a description of the problem the user data that is stored in iCloud Drive or Google.

 "Media and message that is reserved are not protected with encryption end-to-end while on the Google Drive, " WhatsApp.

The same explanation is also given in service on WhatsApp iOS devices. Features of backup or backup your own function make it easy for users to move the conversation or content on WhatsApp when using the new device.  If the statement is referring to, it means there's a chance for other people to read messages WhatsApp users. If you don't want messages are in service without encryption end-to-end, it's good to just keep it in smartphones, although indeed hindered the storage capacity is limited.

The Government of India in the last month threatened to take legal action against WhatsApp after a number of people were killed without judicial process due to fake news. In the last two months, occurred 20 high because of fake news. Excerpted from Business Insider, AFP reported the Government of India has announced the warning. The Ministry of the local information technology and delivering statements related thereto on Thursday (19/7).

 "Rampant Circulation of messages that are not environmentally responsible use in large numbers in their platform, it hasn't been handled well by WhatsApp. When the various rumors and fake news propaganda by people not responsible, then the medium used cannot be free from responsibility, "the Government statement  India in its official description.

Therefore, the Government of India asked WhatsApp for responsible if it does not want to face lawsuits.

"If WhatsApp still is mute spectators, then they are likely to be treated as an accomplice of crime and will face the consequences of legal action, " clearly the Government of India.

Whatsapp middle into the spotlight during the past few months related circulation of fake news and misinformation that is in service. It gets worse, the news sparked mass violence and sometimes leads to death.


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