Battlefield V was postponed to release on November 20, causing EA shares to fall by 10 percent

Battlefield V
Battlefield V EA studies which should be released on October 19, it was announced to be postponed into 20 November. EA announced it via their official blog on August 30, yesterday. Next, the 31st Agustus 2018, is rumored by CNBC that EA's shares plummeted by 10 percent, and is referred to as the sales target of adjusting the EA steps. Observers or analysts of financial firm Cowen interviewed mentioned that the EA game release delay as a business form of lowering sales targets or net bookings year 2019 than USD 5.55 billion to USD 5.2 billion.

In the official Webmaster Central blog EA, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson, who led the studio developer Battlefield V claimed that the withdrawal of the game release date to give time improvements and refinements to the end in accordance with suggestions from the community fans.

However, observers are reading this time EA steps to avoid direct competition with competitors who were also released in October, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 belongs to Activision and Red Dead Redemption 2 GTA games publisher owned.

Unfortunately, EA released a decision V Battlefield became in November also still leaves one competitor that is game Fallout Bethesda are partially anticipated 76 gamers and get a lot of positive responses. Remember all games competitors Battlefield V released equally game class AAA, then adjacent release date will be very crucial. Industry observers game assessing that gamers will only be willing to spend the money for one class AAA games every month.


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