Bill Gates says that Mark Zuckerberg was indebted to him

Mark Zuckerberg
Bill Gates said, Mark Zuckerberg's "debtor's" her for her suggestions that one of the founders of Microsoft it gave on the CEO of Facebook.  Gates became a mentor and role model for Zuckerberg, both in business and philanthropy as well. He suggested Zuckerberg, who is also a graduate of Harvard, not to be careful going to the opinions of regulators, according to a profile of Zuckerberg, written by The New Yorker. This lesson Gates get 20 years ago when the Federal Government accused Microsoft of doing a monopoly.

At that time, Gates tells Congress that,  "computer software industry has no problem and there is nothing that needs to be fixed."

However, the Department of Justice is not satisfied with the testimony of Gates. Within a few months, they demanded Microsoft antitrust rules violations on the ground. It forces Microsoft to you met with the Government in the courts over the years, reports CNET.

Gates admitted that he was sorry because he's "making fun " regulators and encourages Zuckerberg to know what's going on in the Government.  "I said, ' make the Office there--now, ' " said Gates.  "And Mark to do that and she owes me now."

Gates ' suggestion proved helpful when Zuckerberg was summoned by Congress in April related user data leakage scandal. Facebook is a great company and they are not always transparent related how they work. Congress got interested to make a regulation for Facebook and other social media companies.

Although the senators did not all understand technology provides a lot of questions about how to earn money on Facebook and Zuckerberg answer them patiently and politely. The presence of Zuckerberg is considered helpful Facebook to win Congress.


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