Chinese spies use fake LinkedIn to steal confidential US government information

Linked In Spying for China
United States intelligence agencies find there are Chinese spies tried to get the U.S. Government's secret information from a LinkedIn account is false. Through the professional social networking, apparently Chinese spy pretending to recruit American citizens who have access to u.s. government secrets.

The head of U.S. Counterintelligence intelligence William Evanina said intelligence and law enforcement officials have been asking for LinkedIn for more aggressively root out the fake accounts, quoted from Reuters. He said Chinese spy efforts include contacting thousands of users of LinkedIn. Evanina refused to mention how many fake LinkedIn account discovered by our intelligence, the number of Americans who have been contacted, as well as the percentage of success the false account.

Not only the US, Germany and the United Kingdom authorities also asked its citizens to be wary of the false use of LinkedIn account run by Chinese spies.

Evanina said LinkedIn should follow on Twitter, Google, and Facebook is that remove the entire fake accounts allegedly linked to Iran and Russia's intelligence agency.


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