The Drone Racing League officially partnered with Lockheed Martin for the AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge with a total prize of $ 2 million

The Drone Racing League
The Drone Racing has recently become a sportsman for several years, but artificial intelligence is ready to take over. Drone Racing League (DRL) has officially partnered with the aerospace and defense company Lockheed Martin for the challenge of innovation AlphaPilot. Which aims to ask the participants creating artificial intelligence technology which allows autonomous drones to overpower a drone-driven man. The participating teams will be competing in various challenges and the winning team will receive a portion of more than $2 million cash prize.

"DRL will result in four races in the season premiere of autonomous drones AIRR (Artificial Intelligence Robotic Racing), a challenging team of engineers and researchers the most talented AI from around the world to develop unmanned aircraft the fastest, " Horbaczewski said.

"In the year 2020, there will be a great challenge to see which machines will be faster than the best human pilots, the fastest in the world, " said Robie Samanta Roy, Vice President of technology strategy and innovation at Lockheed Martin.

However, Lockheed was one of the biggest military weapons manufacturers in the world. Drone AI can be used for surveillance and even offensive purposes, and many fear that involvement with artificial intelligence can lead to mistakes on the battlefield, According to a statement The Verge.

Lockheed Martin AlphaPilot Innovation Challenge will be opened in November.  The first team to beat the unmanned aircraft tested by humans in the race will win $250,000. Lockheed Martin will specifically reach out to undergraduate and graduate students, a fan of drones, coders and another technologist. Interested teams can register online via the Lockheed Martin.


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