EA reportedly will continue to present the Loot Box on FIFA 19

EA reportedly will still release Loot box, Belgium after the Government started investigating related Loot Box which is considered gambling. Local media quoted from Belgium, Nieuwsblad, the EA currently still does not feature removes Loot Box from the FIFA game 18. Thus his EA Andrew Wilson indicated Loot Box will also be presented at the FIFA 19. Wilson's claim is a feature Box Loot at all instead of gambling because the players know the amount of content they get based on transactions they do. FIFA 19 will be released at the end of September.

A representative of the Commission on the regulation of gaming in Belgium named Peter Naessens which are planned to file a lawsuit to the EA States that the steps taken by the authorities due to complaints from the parents of gamers and the gaming community. Many complaints which mentions they've spent so much for Loot Box in the FIFA 18, so should the features be classed in the activity of gambling and should be abolished in Belgium.

From the information collected, Loot Box in the artificial game EA EA income contributor to be about 67 percent or the equivalent of EUR3 billion, so much more lucrative than selling the latest games EA also reportedly preparing to forward to the Court in Belgium the authorities actually filed a lawsuit to the major game publishers.


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