Elon Musk wants to build a headquarters in the form of an ancient tower

The Boring Company
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, SpaceX and indeed often channel the ambitions of the company's third pass, strangely The Boring Company (TBC).  After previously selling the flamethrower to fund the construction of underground tunnels to the Hyperloop, this time he wanted to focus on building the headquarters of tuberculosis.

Modern technology companies like The Boring Company (TBC), Musk thus wanted to build the headquarters of the architecture of the middle ages. Through his Twitter account, Musk says the building headquarters The Boring Company (TBC) will be shaped medieval watchtower.

 "Will complete the building of the headquarters of The Boring Company built using Boring Bricks in the shape of a medieval Watchtower, " says Musk.

The building will be built using Boring Bricks made of soil that was dug for the underground tunnel Loop so that the land was not wasted.  Besides being used to build the headquarters of The Boring Company (TBC), Boring Bricks will also go on sale to the public. Via his Twitter account, he said that the store Boring Bricks will first be opened more or less within two months.

He also said that each of the bricks will be rewarded 10 cents. But, the bricks can be obtained for free if used to build affordable housing.  Prior to this, Musk has been assured that the bricks are stronger than block sinder. He also claimed Boring Bricks already in accordance with the rules of seismic load to earthquake-prone California.


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