European news agencies say Google and Facebook stole more and more news from the media

Google and Facebook
A number of European news agencies asking for Facebook and Google are sharing more of their revenue with the media. This was taken after 20 CEOS from a number of news mentions Facebook and Google to steal more and more news from the media. A number of news agency who file a joint statement including Agence France-Presse, the Press Association of the United Kingdom France and Deutsche Presse-Agentur Germany. European news agency encourages the European Parliament to update copyright laws for the sake of addressing that gap.

 "Internet giant of stealing content from a number of news media and they at once robs the advertising revenue so that the consumer could threaten democracy, " wrote a joint statement as reported AFP.

Responding to these demands, members of the European Parliament planned to discuss more in copyright legislation this month. In addition, members of Parliament also promised to urge the internet giant to pay more for creative content such as news, music, and movies that aired on their platform. Previously, the draft Copyright law had declined in July after was opposed by a number of U.S. technology companies and internet freedom advocates who worry consumers will be charged a higher internet.

A sense of indignation the news related to their status as a supplier of news, photos, and videos that are not getting justice after earnings report Facebook in 2017 is known to reach US $40 billion and profits of US $16 billion. While Google reported revenue pocketed the US $12.7 billion.

"Without paying a copyright, internet giants such as Google and Facebook have used most of the news media and a number of offices belonging to the news with huge production costs, " wrote a joint statement.

Over these demands, a representative of the news agency planned to limit the use of the content for social media users in favor of keeping the copyright.


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