Facebook makes photo and video detection machines to deal with fake news

Facebook logo
Facebook is considered to be the place of the spread of false news. It culminated when the title of the U.S. presidential election in the year 2016. Many things have been done to minimize Facebook fake news on the platform belongs to Mark Zuckerberg.  The latest is Facebook using technologies ' Fact Checking ' of learning machine that allows reviewers to identify false images and videos and take relevant actions so that no false content in networking Facebook.

Report from Ubergizmo, later the tool installed feature that allows reviewers to identify photos and videos are fake and will take action so that relevant content can trigger false provocations do not spread across the network.

The technology was later proactively will mark a posting that includes part of the feedback from users after that will be checked again whether the photo or video is genuine or just plain false. Facebook has promised to make an investment to develop this kind of technology to ensure that it can prevent the spread of false news is said to reach countless people around the world.


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