Facebook will create a special AI with the name Rosetta to read memes and understand the text that appears on memes and images

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Facebook has applied artificial intelligence (AI) for various purposes in the moderate content on the platform. This time, Facebook created specifically to read AI meme. As reported by Mashable, from the AI named Rosetta is able to read and understand the text that appears on the meme as well as pictures and frames other videos on Facebook and Instagram.

Although understanding the meme is considered as not too important, Rosetta can also be used for other purposes such as improving search features photos and identify malicious and inappropriate content.

 "Understanding the text that appears in the image it is important to enhance the experience, such as search more relevant photos or text merge to screen readers that make Facebook more accessible for those who have impaired vision, " says Facebook in his blog post.

The workings of the Rosetta is divided into two. First, the Rosetta image scan to look for text and text recognition to identify what the text is saying. Later, after the text is transcribed, the system will interpret the meaning of the text. Facebook claims that Rosetta is capable of processing more than a billion images per day.

This technology is expected to help Facebook detects and removes malicious content that was previously not successfully identified. Facebook says, in the future, they will use technology similar to understand text that appears in the video. However, it takes technology and more complex systems to perform these functions.


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