Fortnite listed this popular game played by 23 million players on Android

Fortnite on Android
In a blog posting, the Epic as a game developer Fortnite notes that this popular game was played by 23 million players on Android. In addition, installing APK Fortnite has also reached number 15 million.  These statistics are obtained only 21 days after Fortnite launched in Google's operating system.

With the achievement of this Epic will gain revenue. Moreover, with no entry Google Fortnite Play Store, making the Epic no longer need to pay a 30% Commission to Google. In addition, Epic also explains some of the actions to prevent malware threats from installer APK Fortnite. This occurs because of a security issue Epic distribute Fortnite, not through official channels.

 "So far, Epic has been cracking down on 47 websites ' Fortnite unauthorized for Android which is largely run by the same evil actor, " wrote Epic in his blog post, such as reports from Tech Crunch.

 "We kept an eye on the situation with the aim of making them offline or restrict access by making use of the connection network of partners to the Epic anti-fraud, " he added.


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