Google Assistant can now speak in two languages without the need to make arrangements

Google Assistant
Google is reported to continue to enhance the capabilities of virtual assistants, i.e. Google Assistant. The latest, such services are supported by the ability of many languages in the conversation. Users are now able to directly talk with Google's Assistant in several languages during a conversation, according to a report from GSM Arena. That is, a virtual assistant is able to recognize different languages spoken user, without the need to do language setting first. So, the conversation can go more smoothly.

For now, these new capabilities support the language of the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and Japan. Google said support for more languages will be released in the coming months. In the demo, the bilingual ability is indeed quite good. Google Assistant can respond to questions raised by different language without the constraints of means.

However, this capability does not yet support the use of two languages at once in one question. Apart from that, Google Assistant becomes more natural. Google calls this capability will be available for smartphone and smart speakers. Google support Assistant reportedly will also be released to the headphones, as JBL Everest GA, LG Tone Platinum, and Earin M-2.


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