Google Assistant is better able to understand English accents

Google Assistant Laboratory conducts testing introduction conversation to Alexa, Google's Assistant and Siri. This test is designed to find out the best capabilities with the digital assistant in recognizing the United Kingdom speaking with an accent of the speaker. This test measures the response of the digital assistant third against United Kingdom language speakers with access United States, India, and China. All three display performance is quite good on the introduction of common words, the best speech recognition with access to the United States and India.

However, Google Assistant proved better at recognizing the United Kingdom language pronunciation with the accent of China when compared with two other digital assistants. Google Assistant earns the perfect score on three rounds of testing. On testing Speech-In-Noise that introduces sound around, Google earns a perfect score for United States accents, two percent for India accent and six percent for China.

Meanwhile, Siri gain value of eight percent, 11 percent and 14 percent for each accent. Alexa scored 11 percent, 15 percent and 19 percent for the same three accents. According to, the results obtained and Alexa Series similar to human speech recognition performance of hearing sufferers.

On the measurement of the ability of the third virtual assistant with different volume levels, Google Assistant performed the lead, followed by Alexa and Siri. The author of this testing also indicated that United Kingdom-speaking community with a Chinese accent should speak with a louder voice volume so Siri can understand it.


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