Google finally officially confirmed the launch Pixel 3 on October 9th

Google Pixel 3
Google finally gave official confirmation if the flagship smartphone, the 3 Pixel, and the Pixel 3 XL, will glide on 9 October 2018. Technology company headquartered in Mountain View, United States (USA), has also sent an invitation to the exclusive u.s. media related launch Pixel 3. From the invitation presented two smartphone launch venues, this hotfix will be located in New York.

As reported by Android Central, Google also has digital launch invitation indulgence (3 Pixels). In a digital invitation shown, it appears that reads animated GIFs  "I
Site launch of Pixel 3 itself would be different this time, with the location of the launch of the Pixel (2) and (Pixel 2 XL) who occasions held in San Francisco in the past year. Not revealing the reasons why Google chose New York as the new location. To be sure, pull our surprise waiting what will be revealed by Google on its two flagship smartphones.

A suspected device Pixel 3 XL looks look used by someone in Toronto, Canada. This indicates there are a number of other people who also use the smartphone. From how it looks, that photo looks genuine, and in accordance with a certain amount of leakage that has been circulating. Pixel 3 XL looks have a notch, like most other smartphones released in this year. However, there has been no official confirmation of the authenticity of the picture, is it true Pixel 3 XL or not. More information about this smartphone is surely knowable in October 2018, when Google announced it.

Meanwhile, Google is planning on working with Foxconn to manufacture both smartphone new Pixel. Foxconn is also a manufacturing contract to manufacture the Apple iPhone. As for the screen, Google reportedly has entered into an agreement with LG to supply OLED panel with a notch for Pixel 3 XL.

"We maintain close relationships with Google and the numbers (the production screen) will not be much different from the previous one, " said sources from internal LG.


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