Google reportedly requested Mastercard customer data to track user habits

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Google rumored to track the spending habits of the Mastercard credit card holders in the United States. They buy information about offline shopping habits of customers ' Mastercard to know whether online advertising affects the habit for a year later. A secret agreement between the two companies was approved after negotiations ran for four years, according to Bloomberg. Both Google and Mastercard do not announce that they are doing the same work.

Both also did not tell their customers that their offline purchases are tracked via Mastercard and purchase recordings associated with the ads they see when browsing the internet. Google and Mastercard say they make the client's information being anonymous to protect information that could make a person recognizable, report The Verge.

For information related to what their clients buy, Google reportedly is willing to pay millions of dollars at Mastercard. Google then use client data to create a tool to indicate whether people who click on ads online and then purchase the product offline on the advertisers.

Initially, a user who is signed in to your Google account they will click on the ads that are served by Google. He was looking for an item, but don't buy it. After that, if they use their Mastercard credit cards to buy products offline within 30 days, Google will notify the advertiser that the ads they serve effectively. To disable the tracking feature, you can turn off the Web and App Activity, which will automatically be active.


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