Google will adopt fingerprint technology in Chrome to increase security

chrome browser logo
In order to enhance security when accessing Chrome users in Android devices, Google research team reportedly is preparing a massive update. In an attempt to achieve this, Google is launching an application Chrome 70 Beta for the operating system (operating system, OS) Android, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, and Windows. According to a statement from Phone Arena, Chrome beta 70 adopt fingerprint sensor technology that later would use to access various services on the device.

Chrome version of Android will have the capability of shape identification. Google's technology mention, it relies on three types of API (application programming interface) to detect the shape of the face, barcode, and the text in the image in the virtual world.

Another interesting thing that Google did was start the version of the browser Chrome 70, will no longer include the build number of iOS and Android devices. Google makes necessary changes aimed to prevent exploitation of the vulnerability to the theft of personal data of the user via the application Chrome.

Information, Google Chrome has been 10 years since it was first released in 2008. Mark the age of 10, Google puts a design change that is more full of aesthetic at the same time functional. Currently, Google Chrome has the appearance of the design a bit boxes. Meanwhile, the new design was presented in Google Chrome has the look of a side of a somewhat rounded.

Design changes will be immediately browsed Google Chrome desktop and mobile. Any web site icons are now easier to see when users fill out the tab window.

In addition, menu options and other design elements are organized and simplified in different versions of the application. That page mentions new design Chrome is released to users. Google explains it continued to improve load time, latency, until the problem of memory usage.


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