Hackers can unlock the Android screen with a sonar system

Android lock screen hack with sonar
Increasingly sophisticated technology thus increasingly encourages a number of people to commit crimes such as hacking. In fact, this kind of action should look out for. According to a new study by researchers in Sweden and the United Kingdom, one of the new hacking methods is now evident is how to unlock screen Android smartphone with a sonar system.

This hacking method utilized by using component speakers and microphone in the device, so that the sonar system is easy to take any move that leads to a finger screen, and determines when the pattern unlock the smartphone. Report from BGR, hacking mode named Sonar Snoop. He adopted a type of sonar technologies that are on the smartwatch FingerIO. FingerIO which was released in Mar. This 2016 brings the use of the sonar system in taking the move hands and puts it through the screen.

You as a user of Android devices actually can minimize the possibility of compromised with sonar method to 70 percent. Instead of using a method of the pattern while opening screen, you can instead be wearing fingerprint method because it is more secure than using the pattern to open it.

In addition, you can also apply a strong password. Use a combination of complicated passwords so that hand gestures are not easily detected. And the latter, if want to use the old Android smartphone that doesn't have a fingerprint sensor, make sure not to install Android applications from sources that are not recognized. But, you have to install it anyway from the Google Play Store.


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