HTC is reportedly preparing a flagship with the Snapdragon 855 processor

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The latest report, Taiwan companies that were preparing a smartphone with the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. Reported by Phone Arena, Senior RF Engineer HTC, Kevin Kuo, uploading a content on LinkedIn that indicates the company is setting up the device with processor Snapdragon 855.

In addition, citing information from a number of sources, Android Headlines reported the HTC was experimenting with modem 5G, Snapdragon X 50. This modem is an optional part of the chip Snapdragon 855. HTC'S own party has yet to provide confirmation of this new smartphone. In addition, the leakage of information about any name does not exist.

The report revealed that HTC has yet to plan out of the smartphone market. Products that are being prepared it will be a flagship smartphone and compete with products from the same segment, including from the Samsung Galaxy S series and Note, as well as the iPhone.

HTC isn't the only one who was preparing a new flagship smartphone. Apple this month is believed to be releasing a new iPhone Variant.

2018 iPhone selling price is reported to be higher than a number of predictions over the years. The predictions conveyed in the report of Bank of America's securities unit, Merill Lynch. Merill Lynch analyst, Wamsi Mohan, estimates iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch sized screen will be sold more than the US $1,049.

As for iPhone XS for sale priced at the US $999, while 6.1-inch variants priced at the US $799. For the fiscal year 2019, Mohan estimated the average selling price of iPhone for the US $815.  "iPhone price likely higher than expectations, " wrote Mohan in the report.

Apple reported the own will announce three variants of iPhone on 12 September 2018. Two new series of iPhone X called has an OLED display, while another one with LCD. Despite numerous reports about its products remained the Apple never comment on it. United States companies were indeed known reluctance to comment on a variety of rumors and predictions about the product that has not been the announcement.


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