Huawei CEO said the folding smartphone he made could replace the computer

Richard Yu
Huawei is rumored to become one of the companies that will release a smartphone. Chinese companies it is called will be joined by Samsung as the company which will also release a smartphone.

Although not officially, Huawei claims to be optimistic with the folding of this smartphone. In an interview with Die Welt, CEO of Huawei Richard Yu said the folding smartphone he made could replace the computer

 "Why do you still use a computer? Perhaps because the screen smartphone is still small. We're going to change that by offering a display screen that can be folded,  "said Yu reported from BGR.

Yu further said, Huawei is in fact already developed this smartphone, so that the public does not have to wait too long. However, he did not reveal the schedule certainly when this smartphone will slide.

Although it does not address the question of the release schedule, Yu a little expose a number of features that may exist in this smartphone. Some of these features will be present in a number of devices which Huawei releases this year, such as the support of 5 g and features a better artificial intelligence.

According to Yu, Huawei still immersing that feature in smartphones fold because smartphone releases at regular intervals. Therefore, in the near future, there will be no new features introduced Huawei into the device.

"More clever artificial intelligence will bring additional features to make the camera better abilities, including language translation actual, " said Yu explained.

Support artificial intelligence that is not separated from the presence of the 980 Kirin platform recently introduced Huawei. 5 g, according to Yu, also have a key role in the evolution of the smartphone because of the speed offered.


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