Huawei has just introduced a new processor, Kirin 980

Kirin 980
In the IFA, Huawei announced its newest mobile processor, Kirin 980. Chinese companies it mentions that Kirin 980 7nm mobile processor is the first in the world. In addition, Kirin 980 also be system-on-chip first to use Cortex-A76 as the CPU and GPU as G76-Mali. Latest Huawei processor it also became the first processors that already support Cat modem with a speed of 21 to 1, 4Gbps and became the first processor that supports RAM LPDDR4X 2, 133MHz.

Although the processor had 6.9 trillion transistors, size is no bigger than the nail of the thumb, according to a report on The Verge. Huawei began making Kirin 980 three years ago. At that time, the company contacted more than 1,000 senior semiconductor design expert and generate more than 5,000 prototypes. In the end, the effort resulted in the 980 Kirin Huawei 20 percent faster and 40 percent more power-efficient when compared to the previous generation of Kirin.

Huawei also compares Kirin 980 with Snapdragon Qualcomm BREW 845. SoC that Qualcomm BREW now used on all mobile phones in addition to the flagship Android smartphone-made Huawei. One thing you must remember is Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 845 a few months ago while the smartphone with Kirin 980 new will be available on the market, at least the next month. However, the performance improvements offered Kirin 980 remains shocking.

Kirin 980 mentioned providing a bandwidth of 20 percent greater latency with 22 percent lower than the Snapdragon 845. In everyday use, it means this processor can launch applications faster. While performance related games, Kirin 980 gives frame rate 22 percent higher and consumption of its 32 percent lower.

Photography into other fields that became the focus of Huawei in the development of chip Kirin. According to Huawei, Kirin 980 using ISP (Image Signal Processor) new meaning 46 percent faster in doing so the camera from its predecessor.

Huawei also installed dual NPU (Neural Processor Unit) at Kirin 980, makes him able to do image recognition-based AI (Artificial Intelligence) with 4,500 images per minute. In comparison, only reached 845 Snapdragon 2,371 images per minute and Apple A11 1,458 images per minute. Huawei will use Kirin 980 on Mate 20 alleged to be launched in the next month.


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