Huawei insists it has no plans to create its own mobile OS to compete with Android

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President of the Consumer Business Software Engineering Huawei, Dr. Wang Chenglu, insists it has no plans to make an alternate OS which will be a competitor to Android. It is told directly in the face of a number of questions about the rumors.

Reported by Phone Arena, previously reported to be following the footsteps of Huawei Samsung with attempts to develop an alternative OS. Chenglu, however, denied the rumors and deliver it after the company released EMUI 9.0 based on Android 9 Pie.

Huawei itself currently being aggressively developed EMUI. Based on the fact that the actual rate Chenglu, would not be so difficult for a company developing a new OS, but Huawei did not choose that way.

Bamboo Curtain Country origin company was aware of problems that will be faced by the new OS is the lack of application ecosystem. On the other hand, after years of dominating the smartphone market, Android has built a sizable application ecosystem, just like iOS belongs to Apple.

Plus more, any consumer is familiar with the OS. Therefore, if Huawei launches its own mobile OS, corporate votes will have the same problem with Tizen from Samsung, or Windows Phone and Windows Mobile 10.


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