Instagram helps parents monitor children's online activities

Instagram Drafts Guide to Help Parents Monitor Teenage Kids'  usage
Via its official blog, Instagram released a guide for parents to monitor what is done by their teenage kids as well as knowing how much time is spent playing on platform Instagram.

 "We know a lot of parents think about what their kids are doing in the online, therefore we make parents guide," said Chief Operating Officer Instagram Marne Levine offered from official blog Instagram.

Levine explained, the presence of these features to help parents learn more about how teens use Instagram and ensure and give parents a sense of security that Instagram is a positive application, safe and feasible for using his sons.

Features Parents Guide Instagram has three main focus i.e. How do I manage my account privacy, interaction with other users and how long the time spent on Instagram. Further through this guide, Instagram also provides information on the procedures in the filter out inappropriate comments, block the user accounts that you don't want, and much more.

 "We have included the basics of our application and description of our tools guide plus discussion of how parents can have open conversations with their teens about Instagram," he added.

To design this feature, Instagram collaborates with many agencies who are experts in the field of education and social media like National PTA, Gramedia, PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and much more.

 "I work on Instagram and I am also a parent. With that point of view, like most parents who work here, we are committed to being here every step to make sure parents and their teen has the tools needed to make the right choice,  "close Levine.


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