Intelligence made by Google can help to identify images of child sexual abuse on the internet

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Google has released a new artificial intelligence device to help a child protection organization to moderate and identify child sexual abuse images on the internet. In the identity of his, Google uses Content Safety API which is a tool for developers. With this, the AI will process and minimize the pictures such as abuses against children so that fewer people should verify the content it could be less. Google claims that its artificial intelligence that can help the moderators to identify child abuse content of up to 700% more, according to a statement from CNET.

 "Identifying images that quickly makes children who experience sexual abuse at this time could be quicker to be identified and protected from further harassment, " said Todorovic and Nikola engineering leader product manager of Google Abhi Chaudhuri.

 "We provide this tool for free to organizations and industry partners through our Safety Content API, a device to improve the capacity to review the content so that people who are exposed in the content that could be reduced, " add them

Step Google has reaped praise from the Internet Watch Foundation, a social organization based in the United Kingdom have the goal to minimize the content of child sexual abuse and violence on the internet.

 "We, and especially our expert analysts, are very enthusiastic about the development of artificial intelligence that can help our human expert reviewers to a larger scale, " said the CEO of the Internet Watch Foundation Susie Hargreaves

 "By sharing this new technology, the identification of images can be accelerated, so as to make the internet a safer place for all users especially for kids, " he said.


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