Jupiter is known to have a light size of aurora that is larger than Earth

Exploration of Jupiter, Juno aircraft, has been circling the planet barely five years. And on July 4, 2018, Juno has reached the region, namely the Jovian atmosphere the Arctic region which is above the planet. In his latest search, Juno manages to capture views of the aurora that adorn the north pole of Jupiter. Photos were taken by the Hubble Space Telescope also belongs to the United States Space Agency, NASA. There are interesting facts presented by NASA after observing the movement of the aurora.

After being examined, the size of the aurora that envelops most of the North Pole in Jupiter turned out really great. It was so large, the size of the aurora is even bigger than the size of the Earth. Based on the information reported by the from the New Atlas, aurora photos immortalized with ultraviolet sensing tool belongs to the Hubble. The end result of this photo is processed by the European Space Agency (ESA) and sort out the two composite photos are different.

As is known, Jupiter is known to have a collection of glowing auroras in the northern and southern polar regions. An aurora-colored mixture of magenta and white is alleged to arise because of a solar storm.

NASA astronomers unveil the latest research, the auroras ' wrap ' the giant planet turned out to have a high-voltage electrical current. The voltage of the aurora could reach 400,000 volts. They assess the high voltage that is one of the causes why the auroras could glow so brightly.


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