North Korean men have masterminded the hacking of Sony Pictures and the WannaCry ransomware attack

North Korean Hacker
The Ministry of law and justice of the United States (us) out of North Korea-related cases of hacking a big Sony Pictures in 2014. Not only that, North Korea also accused masterminds to attack so massive ransomware WannaCry around the world. Mere information AS indeed has been blamed North Korea over hacking Sony since the end of 2014.

Siber crime committed North Korea believed to be is a response to the release of The film The Interview. Just for information, The Interview is a crime film that starred Seth Rogen along with actor James Franco.

The film describes the existence of the assassination attempt against the ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-un. Hacking emails Sony makes Sony Pictures lost his honour as a large company.

The latest, U.S. authorities declared, a man named Park Jin-Hyo who conspired for years with the Government of North Korea as the person behind the hacking Sony Pictures and scattered his ransomware WannaCry. Park allegedly walked into the system of Sony Pictures and spreading the ransomware WannaCry 2.0 that damage the computer systems in 150 countries, quoted from The Verge.

Park was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud lawsuit and abuse of computers as well as committing fraud conspiracy in cyberspace. If the case is brought to trial and the Park was found guilty, he could incur penalties of up to 25 years in prison.


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