How to use Google Lens to move QR Code and Barcode solutions

Google Lens
Do you often use the QR Code and Barcode? This time you need not dizzy anymore that there is a special application that is used to move the QR Code i.e. Google Lens. No need to add a special application, but simply use Google Assitant for doing so. Assistant on Google is not only QR Code that can be used but also the Barcode.

How To Use Google's Lens

How should you do while using Google's Lens. You only need a Google Activation Assistant. Such as by pressing the button on the old image and say "OK Google". Then you can tap Google Lens which is located bottom right corner of the screen. Then you can point your camera to the QR Code and Lens will automatically detect the QR Code.

After that, you could be tapped to open links or other information that allows encoded. In the window will appear at the bottom of the screen for that information.

Google Lens

It turns out that not only QR Code alone but also applies Its usual. You can put your camera and point it to the barcode. After that tap on it to see more information about the product or related products.

When you want to save it so you can take photos of whatever you want to move and you do use Google photos later. In doing this then activate the Google photos and after that tap Google Lens on the bottom of the screen.

Often times you're curious about Its the stuff you have, then Google could use the Lens which is Google Assistant. Later will automatically scan the picture and recognize the code. Pretty easy to do and doesn't need an additional application to scan the QR Code or Barcode.


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