Samsung is reported to be releasing smartphones with four cameras this year

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Samsung was preparing a smartphone with four cameras back. According to reports, the smartphone from a family of Galaxy series Note, Galaxy S, or folding cell phone Galaxy f. this information comes from the accounts that often give a glimpse about the smartphone, Ice universe. Smartphones are expected to release this year, according to a statement from GSM Arena.

So far, the parties have not provided Samsung leaked information about the device. However, the possibility of the device in question was a series A, or A9 Galax 2019, which is usually announced at the end of the year. Galaxy A8 (2018), for example, announced in December 2017.

In spite of this smartphone, Samsung reportedly also was preparing a new, flagship product Galaxy S10. Galaxy S flagship smartphone series is released by Samsung each year. In addition to the Galaxy S series, another flagship of Samsung Galaxy is the Note. The difference is, the Galaxy S released in the period of the first half, while the Galaxy Note in the second half of each year.

Samsung reportedly was trying to bring the features fingerprint sensor in the display. All variants of the Galaxy called the S10 will have those features. A new report mentioned that Samsung will not only bring the fingerprint sensor in the screen for the high-end variant but also entry level. That is to say, three variants of the Galaxy the S10 will glide in 2019 would have those features.

According to the report, there will be differences in implementation technology on Smartphones. The high-end variant equipped Ultrasonic sensors, while another one with optical sensors. Ultrasonic sensors claimed to more quickly and accurately than optical manufacturing costs, but also more expensive. The cost of manufacture of the optical fingerprint sensor is estimated to be three times more expensive than ultrasound. Both use the introduction of the 2D image for analyzing fingerprints.

The quality of the optical sensor is indeed still under ultrasound. However, it is still considered viable as a way to implement fingerprint scanning on the device of non-premium.


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