The Chinese government encourages parents to limit the length of time children play games

kids play games
China's Education Ministry has announced their plans to protect the eyes of children and youth, by making regulations related games online and limit the length of time children and teenagers play games. As part of a plan that is supported by various ministries, the State Media and publication should implement a system to alert will be disallowed for gaming and also restrict the time playing a game. Not long ago, President of China Xi Jinping called on the Government to address the problem of low vision focus much experienced by children and adolescents in the country.

He cited data from the World Health Organization and said that China is the country with the number of children who experience low vision is much in the world, Engadget report. The Government's ultimate goal is to reduce the level of low vision is much on children and adolescents amounting to 0.5 percent per year in 2023. While in the province that has many children and teens are shortsighted far away, the Government wants to decrease the number of children who experience the low vision of one percent.

At 2030, the Government wants to suppress the number of people with low vision far that less than 3 percent in children under 6 years of age who are experiencing these problems, 38 percent in elementary school, under 60 percent for students of JUNIOR HIGH and below 70 percent for high school students.

The Ministry wants parents to limit the length of time children play smartphone and ensure that children and adolescents have the appropriate bedtime also get adequate nutrition. Parents are also asked to encourage children to play out and have a habit of exercise. The Government also demanded the school to do exercise every day for the pupils of the eyes as well as limiting the use of electronics to 30 percent of the total teaching time.


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