The Chinese government will be more strict in checking motorists online after the Didi incident

Didi Chuxing company
The Chinese Government will check, all the online services that operate in the country after two passengers who were killed within a few months later. On Friday, China's Ministry of transport said that they will start to do thorough inspections began September 5, upcoming, CNET report. The Government took this decision after a rider of the largest transport services in China, Didi Chuxing, suspected of killing a 20-year-old woman who became the passengers.

After another murder case, Didi suspends service Hitch them up. The service allows some punters who Hitch has an adjacent purpose for using the same vehicle. Didi is not the only company online that should address the riders who did the crime. In the United States, both Uber and Lyft also concern society because of most riders accused of sexual harassment and rape.

For four years, a total of 103 riders Uber and 18 riders Lyft is rumored to have committed sexual abuse of passengers. The Act of harassment including rape, abduction and forcible touching, according to an investigation conducted by CNN in May.

Of all the riders accused of as much as 31 riders, Uber and 4 riders Lyft were punished. Online transportation companies acknowledge the existence of these problems and will seek to improve the security of their services. Didi greets the good intentions of the Government.  "We will cooperate fully with the Government and provide a comprehensive security reform and fulfill our responsibility to provide a secure online transport experience for users, " said spokesman Didi.


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