The iPhone 2018 with an LCD screen will come with three color choices

iPhone 2018
Apple will announce the new generation iPhone on 12 September 2018. The leaked information about the smartphone is also the more circulating on the internet. Circulating reports that the iPhones with the new LCD screen will come in three color options, i.e. White, blue, and red. iPhone with the LCD display will be one of Apple's smartphone that will be announced this month, according to a statement from Softpedia.

In addition to the three colors that, Apple earlier reported also consider some other colors, including yellow and green. However, so far there has been no confirmation about the colors chosen by Apple.

iPhone LCD screen size will have 6.1 inches and be the cheapest among Apple's new smartphone this year. The estimated selling price US $699 for basic storage capacity. On the other hand, the successors of the iPhone X will go on sale with a starting price of US $800. Apple so far reluctant parties commented reserved various rumors and predictions about its products. United States companies were known to be very stingy talking about products which have not been announced.

The selling price will iPhone 2018 rated higher than a number of predictions over the years. It is presented in the report of Bank of America's securities unit, Merill Lynch. Merill Lynch analyst, Wamsi Mohan, estimates iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch sized screen will be sold more than the US $1,049. iPhone XS for sale priced at the US $999, while 6.1-inch variants priced at the US $799.

For the fiscal year 2019, Mohan estimated the average selling price of iPhone for US $815.  "iPhone price likely higher than expectations, " wrote Mohan in the report. Apple reported the own will announce three variants of iPhone on 12 September 2018. Two new series of iPhone X called has an OLED display, while another one with LCD.


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