The new version of the Samsung Galaxy A9 Star comes with a similar display of Huawei's P20

Samsung Galaxy A9 Star
Smartphone Huawei series P20 became one of the most exciting devices at this time, one of them thanks to the body with bright colors and the Office. It is predicted to be one of the reasons the Samsung presents a similar display in his latest middle-class device, Galaxy A9 Star.

Was first available in black and white at the beginning of the year 2018, Chinese consumers will soon be able to obtain the models in a choice of colors with pink and purple on the back of the phone body. Samsung Galaxy A9 Star comes with a Super AMOLED screen 6.3 inches and resolution 1080 x 2220 pixel, as well as supported Snapdragon 660. For more detailed specifications, these smartphones supported RAM 4 GB, 64 GB internal storage space and battery capacity of 3,700 mAh. In addition, the rear camera Android-powered device 8.1 Oreo is arranged vertically. Samsung reported this smartphone market exclusively in China, with the price of equivalent USD470.

Earlier, Samsung announced the presence of a Galaxy Core, J2 is intended for users of the smartphone beginner. This Smartphone comes with Android Oreo Go, claimed to be able to improve battery performance and thus more durable. Meanwhile, a number of reports mentioned that Samsung is preparing three Galaxy models S10, with the main distinguishing factor that is the size and number of the camera back, and a special mobile phone with modem support network of 5G.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of implementation of modem 5G to smartphones, the smartphone will be launched in the country is limited. Even rumors circulating mentioned that Samsung plans to market the Galaxy model S10 + modem with 5G only in South Korea.


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